About Us

Kings Klinic serves anyone who comes; however the majority of our patients are from the North Highlands/Britton area and surrounding communities. Patients range from young children to senior adults.

All medical needs are seen and treated at the clinic by volunteer doctors, physician assistants, and nurses. Patients in need of further medical attention are referred to other medical facilities for additional care.

Many of our patients are unable to purchase medications from a pharmacy or be monitored by a primary physician. We serve as the primary care facility and pharmacy for those who have chronic illness such as high blood pressure or diabetes.


The History

In early 1995, a need was identified in the North Highlands/Britton area to provide for individuals and families who were going untreated for medical conditions because they had no health insurance or other means to pay for doctor’s visits or medications. A local church and a group of committed volunteers, under the guidance of Urban Impact, opened a clinic in a 900 square foot house in the area.

The clinic has made great strides toward meeting the medical needs of this community since 1995. In December of 2002, the clinic filed for 501(c)(3) status, and is now operating as a nonprofit organization under the name King’s Klinic, currently located at Hope Community Church. King’s Klinic treated over 1,000 patients in 2002. We now see over 2,000 patients a year and the number is ever increasing as more of the population becomes uninsured. Patients receive an average of four prescriptions each, at no cost to them.

The same core volunteers who started the clinic are still actively involved. Several of the founders currently sit on the Board of Directors of King’s Klinic. Don Brown, MD, continues to serve as the Medical Director. David Johnson became the Clinic Director in January of 2007. All staff at King’s Klinic are volunteers who have been through a screening process to ensure the best care for our patients. These doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, and other members of the community donate their time and efforts. We have no paid staff.

In March of 2010, the King's Klinic began dental care. Currently the dental clinic is open from 1:00-3:30 the first Monday of each month for extractions only.


King’s Klinic
Board of

Karen Bradford

Brian Geister, MD

Kathy Harris, RN

Alice Johnson

David Johnson
Clinic Director

Arlene Meier, RN

Rob Meier

J. Dan Metcalf, MD

Linda Nellis, EMT

Jenny Wood

Sue Woolum, RN